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16.3 hand 8 yr old ottb gelding

Located in Las Cruces, NM

Finn’s owner bought him spring of 2020. He is a really fun, forward, athletic ride! Currently jumping 2'3-2'6, but he can easily go higher. He can look like a hunter going around the jumps, but he really enjoys a jumper pace. He has schooled cross country and loved the water. He has a lovely canter and floating trot, making him a contender for a three ring horse! Has a lead change 90% of the time!

Finn is a gentle giant who can handle all levels of rider.  Based on the owner’s tattoo research, we believe he is Bluff Runner. He has been off site several times this year and settles well once he is acclimated. Really just needs someone to finish him out!


- Finn will jump anything you point him at

-gorgeous and has a personality to match: loves attention and is a barn favorite!

-Stands lovely in crossties for grooming, clipping, tacking.

-not spooky: used to toddlers running around under him, power tools running, dump trucks driving past, wind blowing, and he never gets worked up.

-stands tied for baths and enjoys drinking from the hose.

-loads nicely in a trailer.

-stands nicely at the mounting block.

-trail rides alone or with friends: owner takes him out a few times a month and will WTC on the trails- has seen lots of wildlife and is not spooky!

-loves to jump!

-middle of the pack, not alpha or bottom


-can play rough in turnout

-can be fussy for hind shoes (may need twitch)

-can be pushy on the ground when off-site or anxious (chain fixes this)

ASKING $9,500 negotiable to perfect home

Syd (Windy City)

Syd: 17 hh 11 year old  ottb gelding

Located in Las Cruces, NM


Gorgeous gray TB gelding waiting for his next partner. 17hh, 11 yrs. A total sweetheart and SOUND! Has only been jumping since July 2021 so he hasn't been pounded into the ground. Kind, beautiful, long stride. Needs a steady rider but is almost a packer!


-EXCELLENT/PERFECT on the trails.

-No vices

-Jumps in great form

-Automatic lead changes

-Loads, ties

-Sweet temperament


- Can get rattled with a busy rider

- Does not appreciate being hit with a crop or kicked

- Will look at new jumps and needs more miles over fences

- Is best with a strong bit: we use a pelham or bubble bit to keep him steady and slow




Mary Poppins

14-year, 13 hand Hackney mare

Poppy is a Hackney mare who came to us with a handsome colt by her side who will be gray. She is/was a wonderful mama.

Poppy was purchased as a leadline pony and has been stellar! Her children are ready for a walk/trot horse and Poppy will not work for that. 

We believe she is a driving pony and needs to be in a place where she is appreciated for her abilities. She is not comfortable as a child's riding pony so needs to have a different job.

- A classic Hackney pony with typy conformation and movement  
- Stands nicely on the crossties
- Loads well
- Has some "trick" training
- Nice around children
- Will do anything for a treat

- No papers
- Is fussy about blanketing
- Is very green as a riding horse

$4000 OBO


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