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   Barn Rules



Treat this facility as a workplace like any other (i.e. doctor’s

office, bank lobby, school classroom). Red Sky Farm is not

free babysitting.

- Anyone who interacts with horses must sign a waiver.

No exceptions.

- No unsupervised children

- No dogs

- No running or loud noises

- Cell phone use for emergencies only: stay focused on the horses

- No cruelty of any kind will be tolerated (to animals or humans)

- Use common sense and ethical behavior at all times while on

Red Sky Farm property

- All lessons must be paid in advance

- Regulation helmets required at all times while mounted

- Close-toed shoes with heels and proper clothing required at all times

- No smoking on the premises

- No horse will be left unattended on the cross ties or in the arenas

- Outside riders must be cleared with Barn Management and sign a waiver before coming on to property

- Guests will not stand or sit in the aisleway when horse/horses are on the crossties or in the aisle area

- Tackroom will be locked unless riders are present

- Riders will leave a note on the white board with time of departure when trail riding

- Management reserves the right to refuse service at any time

- We do not give refunds

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